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Mobile Productivity and Collaboration for Academic Institutions

With kiteworks, universities and academic institutions can enable the secure sharing of research data, student records, and faculty/staff information while ensuring the protection of confidential or sensitive information and compliance with government regulations including HIPAA.

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Secure academic file sharing

Share research data securely and in real-time with external colleagues and private sector stakeholders.

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Group collaboration

Empower student group projects and research collaboration with full visibility into all activities, comments, and tasks.

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Off-campus mobile productivity

Support off campus access and editing of documents for faculty and students traveling for research fellowships or symposiums.

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Academic IP protection

Provide strong encryption and security to safeguard research data and student personal information from leaking.


kiteworks enables academic institutions to securely access, create, edit and share information across mobile, desktop and laptop devices Users can easily collaborate with external researchers, assign tasks to collaborators, and edit Microsoft Office documents on the go.

Companies Choosing Accellion

"Accellion takes the guesswork out of what people are sending and how, putting important checks and balances in place. As part of our best practices for data security, every Pepperdine copier will be synced with Accellion’s secure file sharing solution to protect the integrity of our scanned data."
Michael Lucas, CTO, Pepperdine University