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How to Collaborate With External Stakeholders While Remaining Compliant

Posted by Andy Feit
 How to collaborate with external stakeholders while remaining compliant

This article originally appeared on CMSWire.

Whenever organizations bring external partners into their business processes, it raises security questions. How will those partners impact your company’s governance, risk and compliance policies?

It’s one thing to enable a business partner or consultant to deliver a core piece of your workflow, since your customers will hold you accountable regardless of who is doing the work. However, if one or more of your workflows involves outsourcing access to sensitive data — through billing or tech support, for example — your customers have every right to be concerned about who has access to their private information at various steps in your business process.

Providing a satisfactory answer to those concerns requires you to scrutinize how your organization is sharing information, how it is secured and how access and usage are monitored.

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