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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Our clients’ requirements are more important than our own. Being able to safely browse, edit, share, and send information from anywhere, plus track where that data resides – we’ve made it happen with Accellion.
    Shawn Schmidt, Infrastructure Manager, Allens Linklaters
  • Our marketing department often has last-minute file sharing requests. I can’t put a high enough dollar amount on the efficiency gains that have resulted from using Accellion. The amount of time to share business files has been reduced to just seconds.
    Kawa Farid, Infrastructure Manager, Hyundai
  • Accellion takes the guesswork out of what people are sending and how, putting important checks and balances in place. As part of our best practices for data security, every Pepperdine copier will be synced with Accellion’s secure file sharing solution to protect the integrity of our scanned data.
    Michael Lucas, CTO, Pepperdine University
  • The ease-of-use and proven security led us to use Accellion as our own enterprise Dropbox.
    Edmund Lim, Technology Architect, Arrow Energy
  • The mobility piece made Accellion a no-brainer for our organization. With Accellion, we weren’t just solving a one-off collaboration problem, but rather put a solution in place to address any number of mobility challenges down the line.
    James Gordon, VP of Operations and Technology, Needham Bank
  • Some of our studies involve lots of documents, in many forms. Accellion lets the doctor wrap it all up into one folder and send it. It’s one easy process.
    David Boyer, Video Architect, Indiana University Health
  • Now that we have the Accellion solution, we can quickly send our creative works to clients to collaborate on their projects. The turnaround time for our work is so much faster now.
    Dallas LaRose, Enterprise Systems Supervisor, GSD&M
  • Part of the beauty is that it’s so easy to use, which allowed our sales reps to be up and running immediately. We rolled out Accellion to 100 reps in just two days.
    Jan Arvay, VP of Information Systems, Sauder