Increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with easy and secure content access, file sharing and collaboration in the field for faster field installations, testing, and troubleshooting. 

Things You Can Do with kiteworks
Here are a few ways kiteworks can help you get your job done more efficiently and securely.
Improve customer service
Securely access, share, review and edit documents while out in the field to deliver superior customer service. 
Access the most up-to-date information
Get instant access to the latest product and equipment manuals, schedules, and operational documentation while in the field. 
Collaborate in real-time
Share images and data while out in the field for rapid troubleshooting and faster time to resolution. 
Share documents securely in the field
Share job order and associated files in real time with third party consultants and contractors.  


Watch these short videos to learn how to get started with kiteworks.




Here are answers to commonly asked questions: