Increase productivity with easy and secure access and sharing of information 24x7 on any device, so projects can move forward smoothly while ensuring the protection of confidential engineering documents and intellectual property.

Things You Can Do with kiteworks
Here are some of the top ways kiteworks helps improve productivity and security.
Collaborate securely
Enhance product collaboration with partners and consultants with easy and secure document sharing and tracking of activities, document versions, comments and tasks.
Protect intellectual property
Ensure protection of sensitive product information, documentation and roadmaps with strong encryption to reduce risk of data leaks.
Easily share files externally
Share large files and documents easily and securely in real-time with remote team members without requiring a VPN or cumbersome FTP connections.
Work securely wherever
Securely review, edit and share documents from any device using the built-in kiteworks editor and PDF annotation tools for 24/7 agile product development.


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Here are answers to commonly asked questions: