Securely share research data, student records, and faculty/staff information while protecting confidential information and ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations.

Things You Can Do with kiteworks
Here are a few ways kiteworks can help you get your job done more efficiently and securely.
Work securely on- and off-campus
Securely access, share and edit documents on- and off-campus without using VPN or cumbersome FTP.
Share documents with external partners
Share research data, student records, etc. securely from any device with both internal and external colleagues. 
Collaborate securely
Create a collaborative workspace for your class, research group, or committee to organize and share documents and track versions, comments, and tasks. 
Protect sensitive information
Work confidently knowing sensitive information such as research data and student files are protected with strong encryption.


Watch these short videos to learn how to get started with kiteworks.




Here are answers to commonly asked questions: