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kiteworks for Azure

Enabling Businesses to Share Sensitive Information Securely, Wherever it is Stored.

Accellion provides an integrated governance framework that enables organizations to securely share sensitive content that demonstrates compliance with rigorous industry regulations.

With Accellion kiteworks, a secure content collaboration platform, organizations in highly regulated industries can share sensitive content with external partners securely, from any location, using any device. No matter where content is stored: Microsoft® Office 365, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft SharePoint®, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, OpenText or other systems, all content can be accessed, edited, and shared from a single interface efficiently with no disruption to workflows.

A robust security framework that includes a hybrid/private cloud deployment, integration with leading AV and DLP solutions, encryption of content in transit and rest, role-based permissions, encryption key ownership ensure content is shared securely. And because all file activity is logged, organizations have full visibility into where content sits, who has access to it and what is being done with it.

The Accellion Integrated Governance Framework is the platform of choice for enterprise organizations and government agencies around the world that require secure but efficient sharing of content that meets strict industry and government requirements.