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The power of kiteworks integrated with the Symantec Sealed Program

The kiteworks Mobile App for Symantec offers enhanced mobile security features to reduce the risk of data leakage. Device level controls include encryption of mobile data, enforcement of local data storage policies and over-the-air management to remotely wipe or prevent content from being accessed on a specific device.

Key Features

  • Enables secure creation, editing, and sharing of enterprise content on mobile devices with content policies and access controls transparently managed and applied
  • Provides universal secure access to content stored across enterprise content systems (ECMs) and cloud storage services
  • Disables iOS capabilities such as AirDrop, AirPrint and iCloud sharing reducing the risk of data leakage
  • Offers enhanced content security via policy to restrict the ability to cut-and-paste text to ensure content can be worked on without it being misappropriated
  • Enforces app level policy enabling the kiteworks app, its secure mobile container and all of its contents to be selectively wiped while keeping other device data intact.

How kiteworks and Symantec work together

The kiteworks Mobile App for Symantec is designed to add application data security and enable granular application management via the Symantec Sealed Program.

Diagram of application enterprise data security when kiteworks mobile app is connected with Symantec