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Rapidly Develop Secure Enterprise Apps

The kiteworks secure content platform offers developers access to out-of-the box enterprise-grade capabilities for rapidly developing innovative enterprise mobile applications that can securely access, edit, and share enterprise content. The kiteworks secure content platform includes enterprise-grade APIs, and mobile SDKs for a variety of mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and Google Glass, that provide access to a secure mobile container with integrated security and compliance controls.

Key capabilities include:

  • Secure mobile container with built-in editor, encryption, remote wipe capabilities for rapidly developing secure enterprise mobile applications
  • Enterprise content APIs enabling easy integration with enterprise and cloud content stores. Out-of-the-box content connectors available for SharePoint, Documentum, Open Text, Home Drive, Windows File Shares, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Enterprise APIs enabling easy integration with enterprise applications and infrastructure
  • Access to secure file sharing, sync and collaboration capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade security


kiteworks mobile content platform diagram connecting users, devices, cloud and servers together for file sharing and collaboration

The kiteworks Mobile Content Platform

Develop Enterprise Mobile Applications

Today’s mobile workforce demands that enterprise content be readily available from a wide variety of connected devices. The kiteworks secure content platform enables enterprise organizations to build customized enterprise mobile applications that automate and streamline business processes and keep up with the demands of the mobile workforce. The kiteworks platform with its secure mobile container provides the underlying data and content layer for creating applications while enterprise-grade SDKs provide view, edit, and encryption capabilities.

Secure Container for Mobile Content

A mobile driven enterprise demands enterprise-grade security when it comes to protecting confidential information and intellectual property. All enterprise mobile applications developed via the kiteworks mobile SDKs automatically place content in a secure mobile container that provides enterprise-grade encryption and other out-of-the-box security features including remote wipe, auditing and logging, and authentication. In addition, the secure container provides a built-in mobile editor to view, create, and edit MS Office documents, and annotate PDFs.

Extend Existing Enterprise Applications & Infrastructure

The kiteworks enterprise APIs expose the core file sharing and collaboration functionalities of the kiteworks mobile content platform. Used to extend and leverage existing enterprise applications and infrastructure, the kiteworks enterprise APIs enable development of custom mobile applications to automate and streamline business processes.

Connect Cloud & Enterprise Content Stores

Using the kiteworks enterprise content API, developers can connect external content stores to custom applications.  The enterprise content APIs support both push and pull, and support access through the enterprise core API and the mobile SDKs. Rather than building multiple apps or learning about multiple APIs, kiteworks provides out-of-the-box connectors to a variety of content stores so organizations can provide secure access to enterprise content from one common API set.

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