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Accellion is an industry leader in providing the world’s leading corporations and government agencies with mobile solutions that increase employee productivity while ensuring data security and compliance. 

Enterprises consider content security as a high priority. However, unless content collaboration tools are easy to use, users inevitably will turn to less-secure shadow IT apps, such as Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Drive. In this eWeek slide show, we offer six relevant data points on how to avoid shadow IT, using industry information from Accellion.
The manufacturing industry is generating mountains of data, enabling nothing short of a revolution in manufacturing. But in order to learn from and monetize all of this data, it must be parsed, analyzed and measured. This will inevitably require sharing it and collaborating on it as well. So how do you share this data safely and securely?
Today's enterprises are increasingly data-driven, and data governance -- along with its compliance and security aspects -- needs to be flexible enough to allow data to be easily accessed by the people who need to work with it to solve business problems, drive new revenue, create value, and even monetize the data itself.
Manufacturers have deployed a variety of security solutions to identify and thwart threats from external hackers, malicious insiders or employees who make innocent mistakes that exposes data. But security can be the enemy of business agility. Thankfully, there are technology solutions available that strike a balance between improving user productivity and reassuring the CISO (and auditors) that sensitive data is shared securely.
With Accellion kiteworks, organizations can meet their most critical governance requirements, both through certified compliance with standards like FIPS 140-2 and FedRAMP; as well as by providing detailed audit logs to demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FISMA and SOX.
Like other assets, sensitive data needs to be protected. Data security is not only good business practice but in many highly-regulated industries like healthcare and financial services, it’s required. So, what can organizations do to ensure their sensitive information stays secure, not just when it’s stored but also when it’s shared externally?
Whenever organizations bring external partners into their business processes, it raises security questions. How will those partners impact your company’s governance, risk and compliance policies?
NYC Health + Hospitals has turned to Accellion for assistance in patient data-related collaboration. The health system will use Accellion‘s kiteworks platform to ensure physicians can securely share patient data with internal staff and external partners, such as insurance providers and city and state health agencies.
New York City-based NYC Health + Hospitals will advance patient data security using a private cloud from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Accellion's platform, kiteworks. Accellion provides a security-focused, HIPAA compliant private cloud that integrates with organizations' existing systems and workflows. The platform aims to ensure patient data privacy when hospital medical staff collaborate with external partners.
Data privacy is becoming a greater concern for most enterprises. Cliff White, the CTO of Accellion explains how his company’s kiteworks platform secures these documents, while at the same time allowing necessary sharing and collaboration.